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Do you want to feel more in control of your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors? Do you want to experience stable and healthy relationships or deepen your connection with your partner? Perhaps you just want a little help creating more balance in your life or feel confident making decisions. Are you ready to create the life you want? I believe that people do not go to therapy to change who they are, but instead to let go of who they are not. Over your lifespan, you have likely developed defense mechanism or what I prefer to call, survival skills to protect yourself from real or perceived threats. These survival skills can be very effective at protecting ourselves, but they can also create impenetrable walls that leave us feeling lonely, afraid, angry, resentful, and/or isolated. This can get in the way of creating healthy relationships and ultimately the life that we want to live.


I act as a guide for adults and couples using mindfulness (observing, describing, participating, in a non-judgmental, effective, and one-mindful way) to identify unhealthy survival skills and irrational thought/behavioral/relational patterns that have lead you off course. It is through this process of becoming aware that new and fresh perspectives can be found. It is as if someone has “turned the lights on” in your life so that you can navigate your way more effectively, giving power to realize significant life changes.


We then identify the life you want to create and set a course for achieving your goals. As a guide, I provide you with tools along the way to help you “re-wire” the brain and use mindfulness to balance both acceptance and change, putting you in the driver’s seat so you feel more hopeful and in control. This will lead to increased confidence in decision making, communicating and creating healthy and fulfilling relationships with yourself and others.


I am dedicated to helping others tap into their own wisdom leading to a deep and lasting sense of wholeness, esteem, balance, hope, and peace. Successful therapy results in an increase confidence knowing that you have not only resolved the presenting problem, but also feel prepared to face whatever you may encounter on your life journey.